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The LifeStyle Editor is your tailored boutique solution for personal and home styling needs. From colour consultations to complete style makeovers, we offer personalised services to enhance your wardrobe and beauty. For home styling, we provide ideation, sourcing, and staging services, along with hourly consultations. Get perfect styles for rectangle body shapes with fun and insightful sessions after an assessment of an individual’s body shape and clothing styles. Visit our website for more info.

The Lifestyle Editor
Author: The Lifestyle Editor

The LifeStyle Editor offers personalised fashion and home styling in Singapore. Our expert specialises in body shape styling in Singapore, helping you find the perfect look with services like colour consultation, wardrobe edits, and complete makeovers. For home styling, our team provides design, sourcing, and staging. Our tailored solutions make you and your home look amazing. Visit our website today for more info!

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